Aspergers and gambling addiction

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Aspergers and gambling addiction soboba casino address ChrisFeb 4, The staff train people with various forms of developmental and psychiatric disabilities to help one another. Matthew Tinsleynow 55, had always looked to alcohol and prescription drugs to reduce his anxiety.

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Private Member only forums for more serious discussions that casino online gratis slot may asperbers to not have guests or search engines access to. Your very own blog. Write about anything you like on your own individual blog. Gambling Discussion in ' Obsessions and Interests ' started dadictionFeb 3, addictipn I'm not sure if this counts as an obsession or as an addiction.

But I went through an interesting phase with gambling a few years back and thought that Addoction would share the story. Apologies for it being a little long, I don't really know how to do brief stories if you haven't already guessed. When I was posted for work in Slovenia a few years ago I had a colleague who had a serious gambling addiction. He won some, lost some - but mostly lost. He gambling addiction an extremely intelligent fellow, high wildrose casino and in the 99th percentile for IQ I would estimate.

He was Palestinian originally, good guy, charming, a bit of a womaniser, and a little too "blunt" at times in the way he spoke to people. He liked to play roulette, and any time we went out after work for drinks he would be sitting there twitching and obviously itching to hit the small local casino. I joined him a couple of times and blew relatively small amounts of money just for fun. One day he had blown all of his cash.

I was slightly ahead, betting cautiously, and he was hovering near the table obviously wishing that he still had some money to spend. He said "number 21 is going to come up in addiction and gambling 5 spins". So I put a chip on It didn't come up. So I put 2 chips on 21 and so on. And pushed the rest of my chips onto number A few months later I was back in Sydney and a bit depressed about the way my long-distance relationship with my girlfriend was heading, and coincidentally living almost across the road from the addlction in Sydney.

Addiction over the course of these sessions I had noticed that, on some tables, agmbling numbers would periodically appear to "group" in such a way that a bunch of numbers adjacent to each other on the wheel would score a series of hits. I would see the more serious punters with their charts, following these trends and betting accordingly. Sands casino implodes in atlantic city course, with my logical view of the world, I never considered these groupings to be more than random chance.

I figured that, if there addiiction was a "sticky" spot on the wheel, then the laws of fluid dynamics may apply. Since the ball was spun in alternate directions from one spin to the next, I figured that the ball was most likely to be carried by momentum slightly further than the "sweet spot". So I would bet on 2 or 3 numbers in that area. This was when addiction started to get addictkon aspergers and gambling addiction crazy.

It had addictino a fully-blown addiction, I gambling addiction be at the casino before work, aspergera work, and sometimes I would duck down for an hour or 2 at lunch time. People who worked at the casino would whisper to me that I should go home, I was obviously sleep deprived and dishevelled.

So I walked up to the information desk and asked if I could ban myself. I was given contact numbers and literature from various gambling addiction help centres and organizations, they took my photo, and then they escorted me out of the gambling area and told me that if I set foot across that line in aseprgers they gambling addiction required by law to call the police and detain me. Here ends the story. Heh, good that you banned yourself, doubt I'd ever have the will power to do that.

Gambling pretty crap with gambling, I never know when to stop. ChrisFeb 4, I usually bet on golf and horses. Sometimes on the tennis, football and snooker as well. Not sure about gambling because I'm not 18 or is it 16? I LOVE spending money though.

The idea is to win more money: I aspergers and got slightly addicted once. But in all fairness I won like WillowFeb 4, I have yet to find a place that is more boring than a casino. I've aspergers to enjoy it a trusted on line casinos times, but it doesn't addictionn. I do occasionally play the lottery and every few years head to the racetrack. I usually break even on the latter. I have friends who, for some reason, aspergers and gambling addiction, enjoy gwmbling Voluntary Luxury Tax.

And they're even okay at math. FlintyAug 8, SportsterAug 8, I'm not really big on gambling. But not to the extent where you are throwing loads of cash away under the pretense "its fine because I have to win eventually", just feels like theres no logic to it. SimplesAug 8, You must directions to viejas casino in or sign up to reply here.

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out of a possible £50, or gambling for the whole amount and risk getting 15 people with Asperger's syndrome, or high-functioning autism. brain puzzle maze Plenty has changed since the last update of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the operating. I have Aspergers but can't say I've developed any addictions - but I'm to alcohol, drugs, gambling or porn or over-eating of unhealthy foods.

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